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Published: 10 December 2013


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Let’s be honest, if you’re as fanatical about cars as Meguiar’s you’ll have always dreamt of your own dream garage! The moment those lottery numbers come up we’d be straight on Pistonheads or Autotrader looking to spec a fleet of amazing machines, maybe even one for every day of the week…


The thing is, there’s people out there making this dream a reality. We’re not jealous… not at all. Maybe a little bit? Ok, quite a lot! A lottery win might be able to buy you the latest supercars from Germany and Italy, but if you want those rarest of rare cars you’ll need some SERIOUS wonga!


Take a look at this garage belonging to a German entrepreneur – that’s a Ford GT40, Porsche 917K, McLaren F1 and Aston Martin DBR9. But these are all ex-racing cars, beautifully stickered in classic Gulf livery and sporting battle wounds from driving some of the greatest circuits by the world’s best drivers! You’ll struggle to find the road-going editions, let alone race models for sale…


When the German entrepreneur in question found himself in a position to create his dream garage, he contacted car dealer Duncan Hamilton & Co about a Gulf-liveried Ford GT40 for sale. Two years later and it’s now been joined by more than 20 other super-rare motors!


Sure it’s easy to be jealous, but let’s be honest – we’d all do EXACTLY the same in his position. Question is, which would you choose? Let us know below!

Full feature over on Classic Driver here:

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