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You could meet Barry Meguiar!

Enter for a chance to win a trip to meet Barry Meguiar at the Fleetwood Country Cruize-In 2017!! Simply share a photo of your beauty, tell us why you are passionate about cars, and use the hashtag #MeetBarryContest to be entered to win!
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  • 1472140000399

    Charles Schembri

    #MeetBarryContest 2010 Pearl White Mazda RX8. I purchased the car in 2013…

  • image2

    Marshall Lewis

    #MeetBarryContest My baby shines like a new dime!!

  • dan kennedy

    Dan Kennedy

    #MeetBarryContest Here’s my 68 Cougar that I’ve had forever. It’s my Baby!!…


    Scott Irvine

    #MeetBarryContest My 2001 GMC Sierra? Hey, it gets me where I wanna…

  • IMG_0385

    Jerri Randall


  • IMG_5733

    Carole Dubé

    #MeetBarryContest Being the wife of a true Hot Rodder means a lifetime…

  • 20141105_120006

    John Kennedy

    We are planning to take our 68 Cougar to the Fleetwood show…

  • IMG_0134

    Ken Neilson

    #MeetBarryContest Been using Meguiar’s car products since the early 1970s when I…

  • image1

    Trent Sniher

    #MeetBarryContest Nothing better than a cruise in my 57 Belair.

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